Top 10 CBD Creams Available Right Now

CBD topicals are becoming ever more popular for people from all walks of life. There’s a great reason for this, too. Unlike other forms of CBD, topicals allow you to benefit from some of its effects without ingesting cannabinoids. As a result, your skin takes in the CBD, but the rest of your body and your mind remain unaffected.

Most CBD brands now sell some sort of cream or balm. In this guide, we run through our top ten picks for CBD creams right now, pointing you in the direction of the best brands. Hopefully, it will save you some much-needed time when you’re shopping for a CBD cream.

All of the brands in this list are reputable companies that make safe and reliable products and provide lab reports. Keep reading to discover which one has the best ingredients, best scent, and more.

1 – Green Roads

Based in Florida, Green Roads is a famed brand renowned for its quality. The brand is owned and run by Laura Fuentes, who left a career in pharmacy to pursue a CBD business. It’s all in honor of her friend Arby, who was using CBD to assist with his health problems. With his business acumen and her knowledge of pharmacy, the two were unstoppable.
Green Roads has gone on to win awards, including four awards from the 2019 Florida Cannabis Business Awards. One of these accolades is in the Best CBD Products category, and it’s not a surprise to see this when you view the quality of these products.
You can buy a variety of CBD topicals from Green Roads. It makes all its creams from USA-grown hemp, and each one comes with a lab report to help you see the certificates of analysis from the specific batch.

In terms of CBD creams, Green Roads offers a Skin Relief Cream and a Muscle & Joint Relief Cream. The former contains a broad-spectrum extract, while the Muscle & Joint Relief Cream contains a CBD isolate. They come in handy travel-sized containers as well as full-strength bottles, giving you the ultimate degree of choice.


FAB CBD is a brand that often features in lists of the best CBD companies. It offers superior products without any fuss or hassle. While other brands focus on catchy marketing and packaging, FAB CBD is all about letting its products speak for themselves. Admittedly, the packaging design is still sleek and professional; these products look good on your shelf at home. However, the products are what really shine.
FAB CBD offers one topical in the form of a CBD cream. The product contains 600mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, sourced from plants grown in the USA. It has a delightful fruity scent that makes it pleasant to apply, and it has multiple functions. FAB CBD began as a health and wellness brand aimed at those leading a healthy lifestyle, so gym-goers may benefit from this cream’s properties. It’s also moisturizing and can be used daily to care for the skin.
However you use it, there’s no denying that FAB CBD’s cream is simply fabulous. In our opinion, it deserves a spot in the top ten creams on the market based on quality of the CBD alone.

3 – Mary’s Nutritionals

Mary’s Nutritionals, and its sister brand, Mary’s Medicinals, have long been offering quality cannabis products to the market. The Mary’s manifesto is to promote natural wellness, which is what CBD supplements are all about. The Mary’s brands have access to state-of-the-art facilities where the products are made, and you know that everything you receive is exceptional.
Mary’s Nutritionals consists of CBD products, whereas the Medicinals products may contain THC. With a focus on CBD, Mary’s Nutritionals offers several topical varieties that are free from THC. There is a larger collection from this brand than most, with a total of seven CBD topicals. Most are pretty unique, including CBD Hyaluronic Acid, CBD Sea Salt Body Scrub, and CBD Dead Sea Mud Mask.
The cream products include Nourishing Body Serum, Illuminating Face Moisturizer, and Restorative Eye Cream. Each one contains carefully selected ingredients like Vitamin E, lavender oil, and more. The Nourishing Body Serum contains lavender, creating a delightful scent, and is intended to reduce the appearance of spots and marks.

The range of fantastic CBD products is definitely worth checking out; you can even get your hands on a bundle.

4 – CBDistillery

Pioneers of the #CBDMOVEMENT, CBDistillery is a brand that wants to get people involved with CBD. Topicals are certainly one way to do that, offering a way to fit CBD into everyone’s daily routine. Now that it’s possible to replace all of your skincare products with CBD-infused versions, there has never been an easier way to use cannabidiol on a daily basis.
Therefore, it’s no wonder that CBDistillery is offering topical products. The brand even sells a CBD-infused lip balm, which is perhaps one of the easiest ways to use topical CBD on the go.
There are also several creams. The collection includes the CBDefine Skin Care Cream, which is the best option for general use. It contains coconut oil, hemp seed oil, olive oil, and various essential oils. The cream has a pleasant herbal scent and is ideal for moisturizing the skin. Each tub contains 500mg, which is an impressive amount compared to some other brands.

If you’re looking for something more specific, CBDistillery also offers Warming and Cooling Creams. These are ideal for treating aches and pains thanks to the termperature sensations. Each bottle contains 300mg of CBD and 0% THC.

5 – Elixinol

Elixinol is a natural and empowering brand that aims to change the hemp industry for the better. The website proudly declares over 25 years of dedication to hemp, stating that the brand was “leading the industry since before it was an industry.”

To this day, Elixinol is dedicated to CBD products that are free from synthetics, chemicals, and artificial ingredients. It has successfully achieved its mission so far, becoming popular with customers due to its natural ethos. The all-natural approach translates into Elixinol’s topical range, which includes sports gel, lip balm, and creams.

The Elixinol Hemp Balm is an all-purpose topical. Although the texture is slightly different from other moisturizing creams on the market, it’s still an excellent general CBD topical. The base consists of plant-based ingredients such as calendula, grapeseed, and rosemary leaf. With a floral scent, this is an enjoyable product every time you use it.

The balm contains 250mg of full-spectrum CBD in a 2oz tub. Since Elixinol is a member of the US Hemp Authority, you know that all of the cannabinoids are responsibly sourced from high-quality hemp plants. It’s definitely a product to try if you want to experience quality!

6 – CBDfx

CBDfx is a unique brand because it has achieved what was once unthinkable: it sells products across the world. With offices in both the USA and Europe, CBDfx is an enormous brand that’s making serious strides in the international CBD industry.
Two friends started this company in 2014 because they wanted to bring reliable CBD products to everyone. As a result, CBDfx aims to make its products affordable despite the quality. It seems that the duo has achieved their goal, as CBDfx has a massive customer base that is always satisfied by the top-shelf nature of these products.
Once again, this is a brand with a large topical collection, including face cleanser, massage oil, bath salts, and even face masks. There are also several creams and balms. As most CBD brands do, CBDfx offers a Muscle & Joint Cream in a pump dispenser. This product possesses a cooling formula that soothes aching muscles and joints using menthol and caffeine alongside 500-1000mg of CBD. Interestingly, the formula is also vegan-friendly.

Alternatively, you can pick up one of CBDfx’s amazing CBD balms. There is a Muscle Balm, Calming Balm, or Moisturizing Balm, depending on what you’re looking for.

7 – Nature’s Script

Nature’s Script offers products made from high-grade hemp grown in the US. All manufacturing is performed in-house, with testing at multiple points throughout the production process. As a result, all customers can rest assured that these products are reliable and worth the cost.
In terms of topicals, Nature’s Script has quite a collection. There are multiple product types, including lip balms, bath bombs, and sprays. The CBD Hand and Body Lotion is ideal if you’re looking for a general-purpose cream. It consists of 125mg of CBD infused into shea butter, mango butter, and marula oil. The scent is not too strong, but it is still relatively pleasant, with an amber aroma.
The Nature’s Script lotion has a moisturizing formula that isn’t oily, which is excellent for such a reasonably priced product. It also comes in a pump dispenser for ease of use. While it’s a shame that there’s only one strength available, this is the ideal product for casual CBD users on a budget.

You can also pick up the CBD pain relief rub, which is less moisturizing and more focused on soothing aches. These products are a lot more potent and are highly effective according to online reviews, so it’s one to try for athletes.

8 – Pure Spectrum

Pure Spectrum is a brand from Colorado, a state known for its high-quality hemp. This brand says that it doesn’t do shortcuts, formulating all of its products with state-of-the-art manufacturing. It follows the entire process from soil to oil, ensuring that no stone is left unturned when it comes to CBD. Customers can therefore trust that these products are safe and reliable, since the brand oversees every step of production.
Pure Spectrum has a surprisingly large range of topicals, including bath soak in various scents and a face crème. In this review, we focus on the Salve and the Moisturizing Full Body Lotion. The lotion provides a daily dose of cannabinoids to the skin, featuring sweet almond oil, aloe, and more. It serves to moisturize your entire body, coming in an 8oz tub with 500mg of cannabidiol.
There are three salves available. Pure Spectrum offers the Relax: Lavender salve, and the Invigorate: Natural salve, both with 500mg of CBD in a 2oz tub. It’s a pretty potent offering! However, the third option is the Recover: High Concentration Salve, packed with 1000mg of CBD. It’s part of Pure Spectrum’s Black Label range, which features potent products.

9 – Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals is another brand that believes in the importance of overseeing the whole process. It also pushes for transparency, with detailed information about the entire operation on the site. For example, this brand grows hemp near the 45˚ parallel in Central Oregon, farming non-GMO hemp without the use of pesticides. The brand is fighting for a USDA certification on its products to prove that everything is organic.
The best thing about this brand is that it tries to keep prices low but quality high. As a result, everyone can afford these products despite the amazing quality. The products all have a homely, rustic feel to them, too, so it’s great that everyone can access them.

The topical collection includes massage oil, coconut oil, and more. However, the lotions and balms are some of the best products based on the delightful scents alone. Each one comes in options like Cedar Citrus, Portland Rose, and Pacific Pine. The balms contain an impressive 1200mg of CBD, too! Not only are these CBD creams potent, but they smell incredible.

10 – Kat’s Naturals

The final brand in our top ten is Kat’s Naturals. This brand features because of its corporate responsibility section, which explains that the company is dedicated to environmental, social, and economic issues. In other words, this brand is sustainable, affordable, and wants to make a difference for its customers.
Kat’s Naturals sells a few CBD creams, including Arnica CBD Cream and Capsaicin CBD Cream, both containing 350mg of high-quality CBD. These options are moisturizing and affordable, giving you the best of both worlds.
However, Kat’s Naturals also has a line of Fhenix Skin Care, which are more luxurious options. The collection includes various CBD creams intended for different areas of the face, including eye cream, daytime replenishing cream, and anti-aging cream. These options are more expensive, but they are a must-have for beauty queens.

Final Thoughts

CBD creams are everywhere these days, and most brands offer decent options. The ten in this list are providing unparalleled quality that you won’t find elsewhere, so make sure you give them a try in your quest to find the perfect CBD cream.

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